QOS Over MPLS - The Complete Story
by John Bartlett and Rebecca Wetzel
Published Febuary 2006; Posted July 2006



As service providers entice growing numbers of enterprises to MPLS-based offerings, customers need to know that MPLS alone cannot provide complete, end-to-end quality of service (QOS). The complete QOS "story" has four "chapters," covering traffic classification, traffic prioritization, bandwidth management and traffic monitoring. An implementation that excludes any of these cannot provide optimal performance - and because no single vendor can deliver all four chapters, complete QOS-over-MPLS solutions require multiple vendors.


NetForecast has researched enterprise QOS-over-MPLS solution requirements and recently interviewed several enterprise users to learn how they have been faring in implementing solutions. We offer the following insight and guidance to help enterprises write their own successful QOS-over-MPLS stories.



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About the authors:

John Bartlett is vice president with NetForecast, Inc. specializing in real-time application performance and QOS implementation. Rebecca Wetzel is an Internet industry analyst, consultant and writer. She is president of Wetzel Consulting LLC, and she is an associate with NetForecast, Inc.


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