Best Practices for NetFlow/IPFIX Analysis and Reporting
by NetQoS
Published 2006, Posted September 2006




IT managers and network administrators are constantly making decisions affecting critical business activity on the network. Management challenges include solving performance problems faster, optimizing the network infrastructure for application performance, proving the performance of applications delivered over the enterprise network, making more informed infrastructure investments, and many others.


The key to confidently managing network issues is complete visibility into the network - the ability to measure, quantify and analyze enterprise traffic across the network. In the past, network information has been gathered using hardware probes that collected RMON2 statistics. Today, with Cisco IOSŪ NetFlow, and the emerging IPFIX standard, existing routers and switches within network infrastructures can continuously collect flow data.


This paper examines cost-effective NetFlow/IPFIX reporting and analysis solutions, and provides examples of how to use this data to help better manage the network for application performance.



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