Total Economic Impact of Net Monitoring and Management

The Total Economic Impact™ Of NetQoS Performance Center

By Forrester Consulting for NetQoS

Published April 2009, Posted May 2009




Based on information collected in interviews with a current NetQoS Performance Center customer, Forrester found that organizations can realize benefits in the form of productivity savings through improved efficiency and problem resolution, infrastructure savings through avoiding the need for bandwidth upgrade, and lower costs through avoidance of cost outlays for an alternate solution using probe-based technology.


The financial analysis provided in this study illustrates the potential way an organization can evaluate the value proposition of the NetQoS Performance Center. Based on information collected in the in-depth customer interviews, Forrester calculated a three-year risk-adjusted ROI of 266% for the interviewed organization with a payback period of less than three months. All final estimates are risk-adjusted to incorporate potential uncertainty in the calculation of costs and benefits.


Based on these findings, companies looking to implement the NetQoS Performance Center can see gains around the benefits of improved efficiency in network management and problem resolution, productivity savings, and cost avoidance. Using the TEI framework, many companies may find the potential for a compelling business case to make such an investment.

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