What Comes After VoIP for Service Providers?
By Larry Hettick, Current Analysis
Published October 2004, Posted November 2004




Innovation in telecommunications and data communications happens in the enterprise first. It is followed by competitive carrier services, and finally incumbent service providers follow the leaders. Enterprises deploying VoIP today are also deploying or planning to deploy VoIP-related converged applications because the employee productivity savings and the improved customer service opportunities are greater than simply saving a few cents on transport costs. While the carriers have committed to VoIP, are the competitive carriers and the incumbents ready to take on applications-based services? Or will they both be relegated to simply offering a cheaper voice transport and thereby lose out on the opportunity for substantial revenues?



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About the Author:


Larry Hettick is Vice President, Wireline Solutions at Current Analysis. His group consults with service providers, their customers, and their suppliers on current and emerging technology and opportunities. One of the industry’s leading experts on convergence, Larry speaks frequently about convergence and writes for Network World, Business Communications Review, and other industry publications.


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