The Four Ps of Selling Enterprise Infrastructure
By Tere Bracco, Current Analysis
Published February 2005, Posted March 2005




Despite pockets of accelerating growth, enterprises overall arenít buying as much as infrastructure vendors projected. They arenít purchasing wireless technology the way vendors had anticipated. For example, Synergy Research estimates that the number of WLAN clients sold worldwide in Q1 2005 will be down nearly 10% over Q4 2004. Nor are enterprises investing as much as expected in infrastructure upgrades to make old networks VoIP ready. Synergy notes that while Enterprise IP telephony port sales are projected to increase in Q1 2005 by a little over 6% from Q4 2004, overall enterprise telephony port purchases have fallen steadily for the last year. Some enterprises are paralyzed by the dilemma of which need is the greatest: wireless or VoIP or upgrade-to-get-ready-for-the next-big-thing. And others are simply trying to determine which investment - if any - wonít get the IT director fired. Here are some guidelines on what to do - and what not to do - to overcome enterprise doubts and objections and finally loosen those purse strings.



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