New Carrier Ethernet Services
By Michael “Mikko” Disini, Principal, International Orange Strategies
Published 2003, Posted July 2003




In today’s communications market, incumbent service providers are looking for ways to grow revenues. Carrier Ethernet can be deployed and priced to complement existing Frame Relay, ATM and private line services, with the intent of migrating medium and large customers from legacy data services so that average revenue per data subscriber increases. With over 189,000 DS3 and above connections in the United States served by fiber, incumbent service providers can entice these subscribers to move to 100 BaseT or Gigabit Ethernet at higher overall prices, but lower price per bit basis.


Carrier Ethernet services can be deployed using next-generation SONET platforms and carrier-grade Layer 2/3 Ethernet over MPLS switches. This offers an evolutionary approach to building a network that keeps capital expenditures in check while simultaneously growing revenues.


About the Author:


Michael "Mikko" Disini is a senior marketing and business development professional with expertise in building opportunities in challenging and new market segments. Mikko develops the initiatives, programs, sales tools, channels and partners that create new revenues for clients. Mikko started Ascend Communications’ international product management, marketing and sales support activities and has directed Lucent Technologies’ Strategic Marketing initiatives. Mikko recently founded International Orange Strategies in 2002. He can be reached at



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