OptiView Series III Analyzer Trial

By Fluke Networks
Posted February 2009




Times are tough. IT departments are faced with challenges like never before – staff shortages, tight budgets, but still high expectations for service and support.

Now’s your chance to put the world’s leading portable network analyzer to work for you for free for one week – on us. Use it to solve tough problems, find out who your bandwidth hogs are and optimize network performance, eliminate legacy protocols and perform security audits of your network to find unauthorized devices and applications.

Maybe you have no budget for tools right now, but we are so confident that the OptiView can deliver; greater staff efficiency, higher performance of your existing infrastructure, and a more secure, clean-running network, this one week evaluation* will prove the value to your management team and help justify a future purchase.

Note: Evaluation units are available only for a limited time and will be scheduled on a first-come first-served basis. This hardware trial is only available in the US. Limited quantities available; customers requesting evaluation units may be waitlisted for the next available unit. It will be at the discretion of Fluke Networks to accept or decline requests for this free evaluation.



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