Fort Wayne Cardiology Improves Network Performance while Reducing IT Costs

Case study

By Fluke Networks
Posted September 2009



As a busy and growing healthcare provider, Fort Wayne Cardiology relies heavily on technology … and on its IT department to keep that technology and the network behind it running smoothly. Yet network performance hadn’t kept up with Fort Wayne Cardiology’s growth. Something had to be done to figure out and fix the problems, to get – and keep – the network healthy.


With the OptiView Series III Integrated Network Analyzer, the IT staff at Fort Wayne Cardiology are able to monitor traffic, diagnose problems, spot rogue access points, and optimize network speed and performance. The tool would have paid for itself in time and labor costs within a year, but in fact the investment saved the clinic more than double the cost of the OptiView by eliminating the expense of a third-party analysis check. Fort Wayne Cardiology also reduced the time spent on network issues by 5.25 hours of IT staff time per week. That’s over 262 hours per year that can be committed to other IT initiatives. 802.11n WLANs.



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