Multilink Frame Relay 
by Nick Franks for the Frame Relay Forum




The fact is that more and more business is being conducted over data networks pushing T1/E1 access speeds to the limit. Multilink Frame Relay (MFR) bridges the T1/E1 to T3/E3 bandwidth and price gap with a cost effective NxT1/E1 solution requiring minimal changes to network infrastructure. In addition, MFR provides techniques that support dynamic bandwidth with the addition or removal of T1/E1 lines and the added resilence of multiple physical access facilities. The Frame Relay Forum's End-to-End MFR (FRF.15) and UNI/NNI MFR (FRF.16) Implementation Agreements provide the standards to support widespread adoption and interoperability between frame relay service providers and equipment vendors. Review of these Implementation Agreements and details behind transport of frames or fragmented frames over a NxT1/E1 physical architecture are documented.



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