The Case for Managed Infrastructure Services

A Kubernan Brief

by Jim Metzler, Kubernan
Published December 2007, Posted December 2007



Providers of network transmission services have been evolving their infrastructures toward a next generation network (NGN) model. The NGN model typically embraces the Internet Protocol (IP) as the intelligent platform for integration of a wide variety of network services over an infrastructure of disparate physical technologies. This evolution of the network is spawning the emergence of a growing portfolio of managed network services designed to complement the more basic transport or connectivity services.

As the breadth of available managed services expands, enterprises will have increased flexibility to outsource various aspects of IT in order to focus their financial and technical resources on leveraging core competencies, maximizing productivity, or enhancing competitive advantage.

This brief will provide an overview of managed services and will provide some examples of managed infrastructure services offered by Managed Service providers (MSPs), including MPLS VPNs, Ethernet Services, and Collocation Services. The brief will also identify the general advantages to the enterprise of outsourcing from an MSP and will present a case study of a company that has outsourced a number of key infrastructure services.

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