Building a Unified Enterprise Mobility Strategy
By Motorola
Published 2007, Posted December 2007




A unified enterprise mobility strategy is key for all organizations to compete in today’s fast-paced world of mobile business applications. Companies can take advantage of next-generation cellular, RFID, Wi-Fi, mesh and broadband technologies as they emerge. They also gain unparalleled end-to-end visibility into the data that drives their business processes and they can offer workers, customers and business partners secure anytime, anywhere access to this data. Most importantly, a unified strategy allows IT to create a single point of management, which reduces infrastructure and personnel costs and streamlines operations.


Creating a unified enterprise mobility strategy is a simple task that will have significant benefits for every IT organization, including a reduced cost of ownership for your wireless infrastructure and the ability to draw all mobile resources into your business intelligence network.


With a unified wireless architecture, mobile users are empowered to make business-critical decisions from any device at any time and IT is seen as a strategic partner in keeping organizations on the cutting edge.



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