Comprehensive Management for Demanding Wireless Networks

Control Your Network

By Motorola
Published 2007, Posted December 2007




There are four basic components essential to wireless network management: planning, security, monitoring and analysis, and management of both network and client devices. However, until recently, administrators have had to either address each component individually, or use an "off-the-rack" management solution - often not even designed for wireless networks.


Motorola’s suite of RF Management tools changes that with flexibility to suit the needs of various distributed wireless networks. Mobility Software Platform (MSP) RF Management Edition, LANPlanner, RF Management Software and Wireless Intrusion Protection System (Wireless IPS), used together or independently, can be used to tailor a network management system to the needs of a specific network and the enterprise it serves. Even more powerful when used together, this suite of network management tools share data, as well as a single command console, which is key in an integrated network management system.


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