Ensuring Financial Transaction Delivery with Route Analytics
By Packet Design
Published 2008, Posted August 2008




Timely and predictable transaction processing is the lifeblood of financial services companies.  Whether revenue is produced based on transaction fees, by optimizing market timing to extract profit margin or by other means, disruptions and unforeseen variations in the way IP data networks deliver transaction traffic can have a significant financial impact.  The challenge for IT managers at these firms is that the complex, redundant IP networks built to ensure traffic delivery can behave in unpredictable ways, leading to costly transaction latency or downtime.  Unfortunately, traditional network management technologies, typically based on SNMP device polling, don’t provide the insight that network managers need to understand IP networks’ dynamic routing and traffic behavior.

Route analytics technology, with its real-time, network-wide understanding of the operational routing topology and the traffic flowing across all network paths and links, provides the missing visibility.  With route analytics, network engineers can easily monitor for network topology and traffic problems, strengthen change management processes, proactively uncover network vulnerabilities, and accurately simulate failure scenarios and the resulting network behavior.  Effective use of route analytics as part of the network management process can help ensure that complex IP networks will properly support the critical financial transactions that depend on them.



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