Wireless LAN Adoption Trends 2004: Summary Report
by Kathryn Korostoff, Sage Research
Published 2004; Posted March 2004




Most U.S. companies have been investing conservatively - if at all - in networking technology over the past 2 years. Still, there are some exceptions, one of which is wireless LANs.


Not only are more US organizations deploying wireless LANs, they are doing so more broadly:



Use by more industries. Professional services companies and businesses with large sales and field organizations (which typically have a high percentage of road-warrior types) are not the only ones adopting WLANs. In fact, use is increasing in industries not typically thought of as having mobile workers, such as healthcare, retail, and government.


Use by more employees. This is partially driven by the fact that more departments within companies are adopting WLANs. Use of 802.11 networks is no longer restricted to the IT, field service, or sales departments (which, up to a year ago, were the most common users), but is spreading to marketing, operations, HR, and other departments.


Use in more locations. Rising numbers of remote workers are using hot spot services.


In this bulletin, Sage outlines how use of WLANs is evolving so that readers can compare their organizationís use to that of other U.S. organizations.



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