2004 WAN Equipment State-of-the-Market Report
by Steven Taylor
Published and posted July, 2004




In May 2004, the worldwide Webtorials community was surveyed concerning their satisfaction with existing wide area networking (WAN) equipment and their plans for implementing new equipment. The sampled community was sufficiently large to ensure that the results were consistent among these respondents, who consisted primarily of networking professionals with decision making, recommending, and influencing responsibilities. Survey respondents also represented a wide cross-section of both company sizes and network sizes. Moreover, the base was truly multinational, with almost half of the responses coming from companies based outside the US. Detailed demographic information is included as an appendix.


In the following pages, the summary results of this study are presented along with commentary interpreting the results. Where appropriate, results are also contrasted with other Webtorials State-of-the-Market Reports. Additionally, this inaugural WAN Equipment State-of-the-Market Report provides a baseline for comparison for future reports.



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About the Author:


Steven Taylor is president of Distributed Networking Associates and publisher of the Webtorials networking-education Web site, which conducted the survey for this report. An independent consultant, author, and teacher since 1984, Mr. Taylor is one of the industry’s most published authors and lecturers on high-bandwidth networking topics. His articles appear in Business Communications Review and Network World, and he co-authors the “Convergence” and “Wide-Area Networking” newsletters distributed by Network World Fusion.


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