Route Control: Building Real Confidence in the Internet 
by TeleChoice




Although the unpredictable and lackluster performance of the Internet has not stopped enterprises from using it, they have real concerns and difficulty making decisions about when and where to use it. The end users feel an overwhelming lack of control over this gigantic mish-mash of networks for which no one entity has absolute responsibility and accountability. Lack of control drives enterprises to delay deployments, minimize their exposure by using the Internet for non-mission-critical applications only, or build overkill and expensive precautionary measures to protect themselves. 


Fortunately, there is hope - and itís even better than hope. Route control has emerged to give users control over how they use the Internet and the performance they achieve. It is poised to build real confidence in the Internet.


This independent white paper by TeleChoice was sponsored by netVmg,  Opnix, Proficient Networks, RouteScience, and Sockeye Networks.



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