The Multi-Router Approach to a Profitable Edge Network
by TeleChoice




Carriers have successfully delivered basic services from the network for years, but are facing challenges maintaining or even achieving profitability with their IP deployments.  This is in the face of unprecedented scrutiny from their investors and a financial environment that supports very little new capital expenditures.  They have identified the network edge as the key to driving additional revenue from their infrastructure investments as well as to retain or gain market share.


From a technology perspective, vendors have introduced several router architectures to address the needs of the network edge.  These architectures range from the monolithic router, essentially a large core router modified in size for the edge, to the virtual router platform with logical instances of IP routing tables, and finally to the multi-router architecture involving multiple, physical routers within a single managed chassis.


The objective of this white paper is to describe succinctly how a multi-router platform permits the carrier to better derive profitability from the network with minimal new capital equipment while reducing operational expenses.  It first outlines the problems service providers face at the edge.  Next it outlines the current categories of router architectures.  Finally, the remainder of the document focuses on the benefits of the multi-router category by identifying key business applications where this architecture is advantageous, as well as citing additional improvements the multi-router brings to the functional departments of a service provider.



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