A Broadband Wireless Framework for 2003: Which Wireless Technologies Deliver Broadband
by TeleChoice




Broadband wireless options hold a host of opportunities for today’s customers.  They truly bridge the options available today between the wireline and the wireless world.  They will allow us to move from a wireless LAN infrastructure in the short term to a fully mobile broadband solution.  Along the way, premises-based and portable wireless solutions will whet our appetite for full mobility at broadband speeds.


As a service provider there are many options available to choose from.  A wireline provider may decide to adjunct its network with these next-generation wireless solutions.  Through this deployment they will have access to customers they can’t currently reach with their traditional DSL or cable modem solutions and will have the ability to offer new services to these customers to drive additional revenue.  The additive results of new customers and services can create an entirely new line of business for some providers.


On the flipside, traditional wireless providers may decide to augment today’s slow data rates on their mobile infrastructure with faster mobile broadband data rates to allow for tiered services in lieu of waiting for 3G/4G equipment that may take years to materialize and be extremely costly to deploy.  This near-term solution will again allow these providers to reach customers they may not be able to connect to today and offer new services to create additional revenue streams.


For the end user, these options open a world of new choices, new connectivity options at higher speeds, with always-on functionality.  These options will allow entertainment choices to enter their homes and business functionality to move with them in an untethered fashion as they move wherever their business needs take them.  These services will change the paradigm for how, when, and where business is conducted and entertainment is used.


For the industry, the vision is not a pie-in-the-sky dream, but an available option, today, that can address current demand, with near term revenues.  That ought to make a lot of service provider CFOs happy – and their customers ecstatic.



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