Cloud Computing: A Reality Check & Guide to Risk Mitigation

Jim Metzler, Cofounder, Webtorials Editorial/Analyst Division

A Webtorials State-of-the-Market Report

Published December 2009, Posted December 2009



This is the second of two closely-linked reports on the topic of cloud computing. The first report identifies the value proposition, the goals and characteristics of a cloud computing solution. That report also provides an overview of existing cloud computing solutions, including some representative pricing and service level agreements. Throughout this document that report will be referred to as The Cloud Computing Guide.

This document identifies the current and planned use of public and private cloud computing solutions. It also identifies the risk associated with cloud computing. The purpose of identifying these risks is not to throw up roadblocks relative to the adoption of cloud computing. That follows in part because relative to cloud computing, the biggest risks accrue to those companies that donít implement any form of cloud computing. It also follows because the identification of the risks associated with cloud computing is intended to enable IT organizations to implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies so that they can implement cloud computing.


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