Network and computer security is one of the hottest topics in the industry today.  And no wonder!  Once connected to the Internet, an organization cannot make a move without considering the security aspects.  Electronic commerce, virtual private networks (VPNs), voice over IP, and even merely browsing the Web all have security implications.  This "selected topics on network security" session focuses on some of the more timely, relevant issues.  Particular focus will be on practical issues associated with Windows NT and firewalls, but other topics can be addressed as time permits.

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Gary Kessler

Gary C. Kessler is a Senior Network security Analyst at SymQuest Group, Inc., a network engineering consulting company in South Burlington, VT. Gary has written or co-authored two books and over 50 papers for industry publications. His areas of interest are network security, the Internet and TCP/IP, WAN/fast packet technologies, and ISDN. Additional information can be found at Email:

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