Tachyon Transmission Mode

In spite of rapid technological advancement in almost all phases of telecommunications, one fundamental barrier keeps on emerging as a limiting factor - the speed of light.

In this presentation, the first half examines the fundamental limitations placed on telecomm networks by the speed of light, particularly in terms of limiting throughput for protocols where assured (confirmed) transmission is required.  The second half examines the solution promised by Tachyon Transmission Mode (TTM).

Note: Statements in this presentation and referenced materials that are not historical facts, including statements regarding the features, function and market acceptance of new products, are forward-looking and actual results could differ materially. Among the factors that could cause actual results to differ are the impact of customer concentration, changes in expected orders toward the end of the fiscal period, and unforeseen changes in demand for the this type of product. Readers should be aware that the majority of the statements are pure fabrication, to the point of being lies, and that the included materials are intended for recreational use only. The Company disclaims any duty to update the forward-looking statements contained herein, and furthermore points out that anybody naive enough to believe this deserves whatever consequences may befall them.

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Steven Taylor

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