Are You Ready for VoIP?

In the last year, there has been a groundswell on the part of networking organizations to deploy Voice over IP (VoIP). However, this groundswell in enthusiasm does not negate the fact that the successful deployment of VoIP requires a more robust network infrastructure both in the LAN and in the WAN than many companies have currently deployed. This session describes what you need to have in your network in order to be successful with both deploying and managing VoIP.

(These are the handouts from the session presented at the ComNet conference in Washington, DC, in January, 2002.)

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Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor is President of Distributed Networking Associates and Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Webtorials.Com, a premier source of on-line telecommunications seminars and market research. An independent consultant, planner, author, and teacher since 1984, Mr. Taylor is frequently quoted in the trade press and is one of the industry's most published authors on high bandwidth networking techniques. 

Larry Hettick

Larry Hettick has nearly 20 years of combined data communications and telecommunications experience. A capable and experienced speaker and writer, Larry possesses proven global expertise in product management and product marketing. Larry also writes for industry press, most notably as a co-author of Network World’s bi-weekly Convergence Newsletter and as a periodic contributor to Business Communications Review. He is currently working as an independent consultant, specializing in the convergence market.

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