VoWiFi Vanguards: Blazing The Trail
by Lisa Phifer, Core Competence, Inc.
Published November 2005; Posted April 2006


Recent surveys show that voice over IP (VOIP) has gone mainstream, deployed by two out of three enterprises. A similar percentage are rolling out business-grade wireless LANs based on the 802.11 Wi-Fi technology. VoWiFi, the synergistic marriage of these technologies, seems sure to follow. Indeed, one in five companies cites VOIP as a primary driver for Wi-Fi deployment. But elsewhere, VoWiFi remains an unrealized vision.

Why? Some companies lack budget or staff; others are stymied by quality or security. For most, VoWiFi is simply uncharted territory with unknown challenges. To better understand what it takes to tap VoWiFi’s potential, we consulted six firms that have already ventured down this path. From health care to hospitality, walled office to warehouse, these vanguards have given VoWiFi a try, with varied goals and results. These are their stories….


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About the author:

Lisa Phifer is vice president of Core Competence, Inc., a network security technology consulting firm based in Chester Springs, PA. When she’s not chatting on her VOIP phone, Lisa can be reached at lisa@corecom.com.

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