The ROI of IP Telephony Management
A Compelling Look at the Hard Numbers Behind Costs, Benefits of IPT Monitoring & Management

By Robin Gareiss, Nemertes Research on behalf of Prognosis
Published 2007, Posted October 2007




So, you’re considering deploying or have already deployed VoIP in your organization. You’ve taken account of operational start-up costs and capital expenditure, but have you budgeted for the full costs of ongoing monitoring and maintenance? Once it is deployed, how can you be sure your IP telephony service is running efficiently and delivering the standard of call quality and reliability you intended?

IP telephony is part of an overall, complex infrastructure where multiple applications compete for finite network resources. Even so, too many companies implement VoIP without analyzing the long-term implications.

In their research of the overall costs of IP telephony, Nemertes found that the financial figures behind using IP telephony management and monitoring tools such as PROGNOSIS are compelling.

Nemertes tracked the real ROI of IP telephony for four years and interviewed nearly 400 organizations. They concluded that deploying specialty VoIP management tools has the potential to significantly reduce operational costs.


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