A Unified Telecommunication Model for Communication Servers and Contact Distribution Systems
by Ed LaBanca, CollabGen
Published July 2005, Posted July 2005




This generic paper is the first in a series on migrating toward a Unified Telecommunication Model in the enterprise. Each part in the series will categorize a major component or set of components as an integral part of an overall technology architecture (infrastructure, systems and applications) and will cover the major trends in telecommunications including networks convergence, TDM / IP Telephony, portals, presence / proximity, multi-modal and collaborative communications. The central thesis is to look at traditional areas such as Telephony and Media Processing Systems (voice, fax, email, text, video etc.) and provide a holistic view into the current state-of-the-art for integrated / unified telecommunications. On the practical side, for most people it all comes down to the user interfaces and how well these systems work for them. For enterprise executives and staff, the goal of this series is to provide a better understanding of which components may need to be addressed and in what order.


This series will also cover issues associated with this new model including the efficacy of implementing various components in-house or via a service provider, and mitigating concerns including network and systems security, quality and reliability.



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