The Need for IPTV End-to-End Solution Integration

Learned the Hard Way

By Alcatel-Lucent
Posted October 2009




It has been more than a decade since service providers first tried bringing IPTV services to their customers. But despite advances in technology and tools, many of the issues that derailed those initial efforts continue to pose challenges.


That’s because the delivery of reliable, revenue-generating IPTV services is an inherently complex undertaking. It spans a variety of deployment and operational requirements - from video quality and ease of use to provisioning and support. Further, the end-user environment has changed since those early attempts: Broadband penetration now approaches 50% of U.S. households, and equipment like encoders, set-top boxes and DVD- and HD-based screens are more sophisticated. Providing a viable commercial IPTV service means addressing all of these issues in a comprehensive manner that’s based on lessons learned the hard way: from realworld IPTV deployments.


That’s where end-to-end (E2E) solution integration (SI) comes in. E2E SI makes use of proven, repeatable processes and methodologies to ensure the smooth implementation, operation and maintenance of IPTV services. In short, it addresses every part of the IPTV project—from the consultation and planning stages through rollout and beyond. E2E SI can be thought of as a “golden thread” that elegantly ties together all deployment lifecycle phases, weaving project work packages and workflows together for maximum efficiency and making IPTV deployments and enhancements predictable, reliable and successful.


However, because E2E SI is so wide-ranging, it typically requires the help of a third party. While many vertical solution vendors can address specific components of IPTV integration, only professional integrators with experience and expertise in every aspect of IPTV can give service providers the thorough, all-encompassing help that they need. Such a partner can draw on knowledge gained through hard-won, first-hand experience in IPTV implementation to make the right decisions every step of the way. This is a vital consideration given the competitiveness of today’s market, where E2E SI isn’t a luxury - but a necessity.


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