Contact Center Team Productivity Suites Enhance Efficiency

by Spanlink Communications
Published 2006, Posted December 2006



Contact centers can dramatically increase efficiencies and customer satisfaction by using advanced team productivity suites. These packaged solutions merge enterprise applications and Web services developed through a service-oriented architecture (SOA) with IP contact center resources to deliver a new level of productivity applications to agents, supervisors and administrators. Installed in days versus the months required with custom solutions, an advanced contact center productivity suite will enhance customer-enterprise relationships and facilitate the development of new enterprise applications to link customers’ day-today needs with enterprise offerings. They deliver sophisticated agent and supervisor functionality by combining soft phones and task bars with automated customer account data and pre- or post-call actions, Web browsers, caller ID, dialed number identification service (DNIS), interactive voice response (IVR) system data and enterprise applications, giving team members the facility for a systematic approach to retrieve and enter data to allow the enterprise to address customer issues and develop sales opportunities.


Contact center productivity suites allow front-line agents in contact centers of all sizes to focus on resolving customer issues, generating revenue, increasing customer service efficiency and boosting overall customer satisfaction and enterprise relationships.



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