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As SIP explodes beyond connecting VoIP calls to a plethora of modes of communication, the hyper-connected contact center must adopt security measures to provide a whole new level of protection.

The study shows the costs to deploy IP Telephony endpoints declined 28% since 2013; however, the costs to deploy Unified Communications features have gone up 83%.

The 2015 Guide to SDN & NFV
Over the last couple of years, the hottest topics in networking have been Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). While both enterprises and service providers have shown great interest in these topics, the vast majority of organizations are still either on the sidelines or in the analysis stage of adoption. The 2015 Guide addresses the confusion surrounding SDN and NFV, accelerating the analysis and potential adoption of these new design and architectural approaches.

In the past, wireless network designers were most concerned about the area of physical coverage and bandwidth. The number of wireless devices supported was not an issue. The Internet of Things (IoT), however, changes everything. Where coverage was once the goal, now capacity, device population, and performance are the driving design goals.

Organizations should deploy a secure web gateway (SWG) to protect their networks against access by malicious software. Direct or Transparent Proxy - choose the right configuration for your gateway.

The 2015 Guide to SDN & NFV

Augmented VPN

A modestly skilled hacker can access pretty much anything that is digital, placing your company's loss and your liability into the headlines. 

Present and Future WebRTC

The 2015 Guide to SDN & NFV
  • Part 3: The SDN and NFV Ecosystem
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AT&T Issues Withdrawal of Service Matrix

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