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Webtorials® is the premier Internet site for IT-related education and resource-sharing. We provide an interactive communications platform that unites all members of the broadband networking and IT ecosystem: enterprise and small/medium-size business (SMB) IT professionals, solutions companies, service providers, analysts, consultants and press. Here, they all share their favorite documents, exchange problem-solving tips and participate in community discussions.
For simplicity, these resources are classified according to four major categories:

  • White Papers - Nowadays, anyone can post content.  Webtorials distributes content with context.  Sponsored papers are enhanced with Webtorials expert commentary from our team of seasoned technology analysts and editors.  We go to great lengths to give our subscriber base access to an extensive library of timely, business-critical information that helps them succeed at their jobs.  White papers are generally provided as product-independent information by our sponsor partners.Our sponsors, in turn, gain valuable visibility and leads from the material they share with the Webtorials community.

  • TechNotesWebtorials TechNotes are concise yet content-rich articles covering today's most pressing computer networking topics. Webtorials analysts, all seasoned industry experts, author TechNotes, which offers tips to help IT and networking professionals continue to succeed. Areas covered by TechNotes include Wireless and Mobility, Next-Generation Data Centers and WANs, Unified Communications, and Information Security.

  • Research Reports - Webtorials' Editorials/Analyst Division regularly produces a series of Webtorials State-of-the-Market Reports based on data compiled from online end-user surveys.  

    There are three goals of the Webtorials State-of-the-Market Reports.  First, in these uncertain economic times, the State-of-the-Market Reports provide up-to-date summaries on the pulse of various technologies and services.  Second, they provide Enterprise network C-Levels, planners and administrators with a baseline to compare their plans with those of their colleagues.  In particular, we believe this is helpful in obtaining approval for additional funding as needed.  Third, they reinforce methods by which networking technology can be used to redefine business processes to increase/preserve profitability.

    We believe that the survey-based nature of the State-of-the-Market Reports is absolutely essential to providing the underlying story about networking trends.  All-too-often, these topics are approached with a "proof-by-blatant-assertion" approach that doesn't contain the reality of the opinions of key thought-leaders, both users of products and services and those within the industry. 

    As with all of our survey-based products, Webtorials is responsible for creating the survey questionnaire, soliciting responses, writing and producing the report content, maintaining the survey database, report distribution, and contact tracking.

  • Podcasts and TranscriptsGot a burning opinion on an IT or networking topic that you'd like to get off your chest? Or do you wish you could help the industry get better educated about an aspect of a particular technology and how to use it?

    Then our discussions, moderated by a Webtorials analyst, are the perfect venue.  Thought Leadership Discussions can be about any topic you choose that is of interest to an IT or network professional in any sized company.

    The Thought Leadership Discussions are created via a discussion in an interactive format.  That discussion is then transcribed for ease of access. Further, it is augmented by follow-on discussion via our social media platform.

    As always, the discussions use Webtorials' interactive community networking platform, linked to key social networking sites, to interconnect sponsors, analysts and the entire Webtorials community of networking professionals on current industry topics - from wireless to cloud to data center to security and everything in between.

All of these resources can be accessed via this page, via the quick-access bars at the top of this page, or via the links in the sidebar.

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