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At this point, I invite each of the representatives from the 2006 Application Delivery Challenge sponsors to introduce themselves, with a little background to help give context to your commentary.


Good idea having us overview our background to provide perspective. I joined Blue Coat about 10 months ago, while doing consulting projects and analysis of the 'application performance management' marketplace. My roots are in SNA as an enterprise architect and have maintained the orientation that it's always about system solutions, rather than point products or tactical solutions. This foundation is what lead me to gain a real appreciation for what Blue Coat is doing and was excited to join the team as we expand our value to our enterprise customers.

I’ve been working in the Web Acceleration market since early 2000. I came to Juniper with the Redline acquisition where I was a Senior Sales Engineer and Corporate Sales Engineer. Previous to Redline I was with BoostWorks. I have spent a big chunk of my career trying to educate people on the performance limitations of HTTP/S and other WAN apps. Finally this is a full blown market and we can have forums discussing how to solve (and hopefully avoid) the issues that every enterprise will face as centralization and globalization continue.

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