2006 Application Delivery Challenge

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Application Delivery Challenge: The Virtual Conference

This on-demand Webtorial section of the challenge emulates a live conference session in which all of the sponsors present their unique solution, responding to an introductory challenge by Robin Layland.  While you may choose to download a copy of the slides for your reference, it is highly recommended that you listen to each of the multimedia presentations in order to experience the full story from each sponsor.


bullet Introduction
bullet Streaming presentation
bullet Handout
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Robin Layland
Layland Consulting
bullet Juniper Networks
bullet Streaming presentation
bullet Handout
bullet Approx. 929 kB
DJ Skillman
Technical Marketing
Juniper Networks
bullet Netli
bullet Streaming presentation
bullet Handout
bullet Approx. 285 kB
Tim Knudsen
Sr. Director, Product Management
Netli, Inc.
bullet Blue Coat
bullet Streaming presentation
bullet Handout
bullet Approx. 1.72 MB
R. 'Lynn' Nye Jr.
Enterprise System Architect
Blue Coat Systems Inc.
bullet Bonus! Discuss the presentations with the moderators and presenters


Application Delivery Challenge: The Paper

Network managers need a solution that solves today's challenge. Application Delivery architecture provides the road map for a successful data center and IT implementation. Application delivery architecture moves the focus from switching and routing packets to providing a fast application response time along with security. Network managers must implement an infrastructure that understands the applications. Overtime a full deployed application deliver infrastructure will be present throughout the network but the most important first implementation of the new architecture is in the data center. Fulfilling this critical function is an Application Front End.


In the pages that follow, three of the top AFE vendors Juniper Networks, Netli and Blue Coat Systems explain what they do and, most importantly, address the following questions:

What makes their AFE solution the best?


What combination of features or technology sets their solution apart from the others?


What problem or situation is their AFE best designed for? Is it high throughput, superior security, low operating cost, fastest acceleration or richest server features?


In this section of the challenge, each sponsor replies to the challenge presented by Robin Layland, highlighting why they believe that their unique approach to application delivery makes their products the best choice for users to implement.

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