Putting Reliability into VoIP Networks

Date: Tuesday January 28, 2003
Michael Marks
Director, Concord Communications

Thomas Dalyrymple
Director - Voice Switching, Enterprise Solutions Group, Verizon Communications

Service providers are eager to prove that VoIP can supply quality equal to that of public switch telephone networks (PSTN). Why? VoIP promises affordable rates to customers and economies of scale to service providers rolling out new voice and data services over a common infrastructure. But VoIP still has a credibility issue: Call quality suffers from a host of problems that raises questions about whether a truly converged network can reliably transport digital voice packets over the Internet. Proactively monitoring call quality and troubleshooting problems before customers notice will help carriers restore customer confidence in the technology. In this presentation, Concord Communications and Verizon will address real-world scenarios of successfully managing VoIP as part of a strategic managed service solution. Attendees will learn how to track performance, network response, bandwidth utilization and network trending in order to ensure network uptime and Quality of Service.


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