Wireless Track Sessions
bullet Future Trends and Directions in Wireless
bullet For a technology that's over 200 years old, radio is today seeing more innovation and development than ever before. This session will examine the key research directions in wireless, including software defined radio and phased-array antennas, as well as the current status and opportunities for new broadband wireless technologies like ultra-wideband, OFDM, and wideband CDMA. This is a technical session – some background in wireless is suggested, but anyone with an interest in wireless technologies will enjoy this exploration of near-term possibilities.
bullet Craig Mathias
bullet Approx. 371 kB; Navigation and search bookmarks in .pdf file are not functional.
bullet The Wireless “WAN-Scape”: Wild and Wooly or ROI Ready?
bullet Wireless WANs are increasingly providing higher performance and more reliable coverage within metropolitan and larger regions. However, there are many flavors and alternatives, ranging from relatively simple systems that build upon paging technologies to more sophisticated high-speed data links that can support applications and a variety of messaging environments. This session will explore current and emerging alternatives, with an emphasis on solutions and return on investment for the enterprise. Taking part in the discussion will be representatives from some of the top wireless technology and applications companies in the world.
bullet Moderator: Tim Scannell
bullet Panelists: Greg Caltabiano, Inder Gopal, Upal K. Basu, Rob Lowery, Joe McGuire
bullet Approx. 243 kB; Navigation and search bookmarks in .pdf file are not functional.
bullet Wireless Security: Critical Issues and Solutions
bullet Wireless security is the number-one concern of network managers and users alike – as well it should be. But despite the obvious worries that surround sending data through the air, there are workable solutions to the problems of security, authentication, and access control. In this session, a panel of experts will examine the issues and solutions for wireless LANs and wide-area wireless networks. They'll explore both over-the-air security techniques as well as end-to-end solutions such as VPNs. This session is a must for anyone concerned with wireless security in essentially any application.
bullet Moderator: Craig Mathias
bullet Panelists: Fred Tanzella, Stephen Swartz, Yangmin Shen
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bullet Spectrum Management for 2003 and Beyond
bullet Today's wireless environment is becoming an increasingly hostile battleground between spectrum incumbents and developers of new technologies. As a result, a new debate is raging on how government regulators should balance the needs of existing spectrum users with the statutory mandate to provide for technical innovation and advancement. The instructors will review the status of the numerous spectrum conflicts now ongoing and provide information on several efforts that promise fundamental change to an allocations process that many believe is in need of serious repair.
bullet Michael Lewis and Eric DeSilva
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bullet Teaching Elephants to Dance – 3G and the Challenge of Change
bullet The worldwide demand for next generation wireless and mobile infrastructure has slowed down in recent quarters, and technical and business issues have served to delay the mass deployment of 3G wireless networks. The problem has been compounded by the changing ecology of supply for 3G networks that increasingly requires industry players to collaborate. But change is not without challenges, and teaching elephants to dance is hardly an easy enterprise. The essential case for 3G deployment remains strong, however. This session will discuss the current status and future promise of 3G mobile telephony, how and why network deployment schedules are likely to vary across regions, and the key issues that have gained salience for operators and their vendors in different geographies.
bullet Shiv Bakhshi
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bullet The Capital Wireless Integrated Network Project: A Case Study
bullet In this session, representatives from the CapWIN project will discuss the origins, architecture and implementation of a public-safety-data-communications network for the Washington, D.C. region. CapWIN is the first interoperable wireless system to span governmental jurisdictions, allowing 40 local, state, and federal agencies to communicate and enable firefighters, police, and other emergency personnel to communicate securely and rapidly in times of crisis. The panelists will discuss the challenges and goals of this ambitious project, which may ultimately serve as a model for other regions of the U.S.
bullet Moderator: George Ake
bullet Panelists: Tom Jacobs, Charles Samarra, Kent Blossom, Bill Henry
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