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Network Performance Management Solutions for the Enterprise
By NetQoS

Published 2008, Posted October 2008




As I speak with IT professionals, two themes seem to reverberate throughout every IT organization: 1) businesses today are finding themselves having to adapt to an ever-increasing reliance on their enterprise networks, and 2) they are focusing more on where they are falling short because "good enough" can seriously interrupt or negatively impact business.


This issue of Performance Edge Journal is devoted to the diverse networking and application delivery responsibilities that today's network professionals must tackle. Industry expert, Dr. Jim Metzler, contributes recent research, presenting some very interesting expectations and realities of today's network operations center (NOC) and how it's not just about monitoring network availability anymore. Luckily, Dr. Metzler provides some relief and guidance through his views on developing and implementing the "next-generation" network operations center.


A related, perennial issue that all IT organizations face is finding the risk-reward balance when considering upgrades to infrastructure and management components. When is it prudent to stick with what you have? And when does is make sense to invest in more modern technology that may help you progress to the next level of operational maturity?


In this issue, we take a look at the dangers of sticking with incumbent technology. In this U.S. Presidential election year, we find ourselves contemplating the political forces that impact business and the use of information technology. So, we have considered some of the political issues that will impact enterprise IT over the next four years, focusing on eight of them in particular.


Bringing much of this together, we present a case study of OSF HealthCare and its efforts to modernize medical systems over a large, multi-state, wide area network. We also examine specific technology issues, such as echo and echo cancellation in VoIP solutions, and anomaly detection software that provides early warning of threats to optimal network performance.


Finally, we have a monthly calendar of events through mid-2009 to help you better plan for those periods when your network may be impacted by unusually high volumes of recreational traffic.



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