2003 VoIP State of the Market Report
by Steven Taylor, Distributed Networking Associates, Inc
Published and posted August 2003




Users at Webtorials were asked during June of 2003 to share their perceptions of Voice over IP (VoIP) and their plans for implementing VoIP in their networks.  This 2003 VoIP State of the Market Report is a summary of the findings from that survey and, where applicable, these results are contrasted with a similar report prepared in 2002.


From a very high level, there were few surprises in the data. This is reassuring, because drastic changes from the results in the prior year would indicate that there is considerable flux in the market space. The answers also showed remarkable consistency across demographic variables. There were few stark contrasts when the information was analyzed by size of company, geographic region of the world, or voice/data responsibilities.


Consequently, the bottom line is that VoIP is continuing to have broad acceptance, though several implementation concerns still exist. The majority of those implementing VoIP are pleased with the results, and the appropriate technical challenges are being addressed. 


This paper is intended to give a snapshot of the results. As always, there are many ways that data may be interpreted, so your individual thoughts on the meaning of various results may vary legitimately from those of the author.


About the Author:


Steven Taylor is president of Distributed Networking Associates and publisher of Webtorials.  Taylor also is a columnist for Network World and coauthor of Network World's "Wide Area Networking" and "Convergence" newsletters. Taylor can be reached at taylor@webtorials.com



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