April 14, 2009

The 2009 Handbook of Application Delivery

  • A Guide to Decision Making in Challenging Economic Times
  • Jim Metzler, Webtorials Editorial/Analyst Division
Over the last few years, ensuring acceptable application delivery difficult has become a top of mind issue for most IT organizations. Many IT organizations, however, struggle with this highly complex task. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing deployment of new technologies and services, ensuring acceptable application delivery will become even more difficult over the next few years. As a result, IT organizations need to ensure that the approach that they take to resolving the current application delivery challenges can scale to support the emerging challenges.

Given the complexity associated with ensuring acceptable application delivery, IT organizations will not be successful if they approach the task in a piecemeal fashion. As suggested in this handbook summary, successful application delivery requires four key functions: planning, optimization, management and control. Because they are inter-related, these functions must be looked at holistically. For example, as mentioned, a key planning function is to develop applications that perform well over the WAN. If IT organizations implement this planning function, it lessens their need for optimization. In contrast, if the planning function they implement calls for technologies such as virtualized desktops, or the use of application architectures such as SOA or cloud computing, that would increase their need for optimization.

This handbook elaborates on the key tasks associated with planning, optimization, management and control and provides decision criteria to help IT organizations choose appropriate solutions. It also describes in depth:     
  • How to apply the application delivery framework to applications such as VoIP.
  • The factors that complicate the task of ensuring acceptable application delivery today, as well as some of the factors that are likely to complicate the task in the near term.
  • Both the types of, and the value of application delivery managed service providers.
  • The changing role of the NOC.
  • The role of the CIO in application delivery.
  • The specific steps that six IT organizations have taken to improve their ability to ensure acceptable application delivery.

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