June 4, 2009

The Mandate to Re-Engineer Enterprise Routing to Support Today's Economy

  • Jim Metzler, Cofounder, Webtorials Editorial/Analyst Division
  • A Webtorials Brief
As IT plays an increasingly important role in the execution of enterprise business strategies, IT executives will need to place greater emphasis on developing technology strategies and initiatives that are tightly linked to, and highly supportive of business requirements. However, as emphasized by both The Architecture VP and The Architecture Manager, in many cases the IT organizations will have to anticipate these requirements with little input from the business unit managers.

The agility and the flexibility of the network to respond to new business priorities is highly dependent on the functionality and capabilities of the fundamental network infrastructure. IT executives can solidify the strategic role of their network by ensuring that the infrastructure's most critical components, including data center class routers and switch/routers, are capable of supporting both current and emerging initiatives.

Because the infrastructure cannot be refreshed every time there is an adjustment in the business strategy, network designers need to provide some headroom in terms of both functionality and performance that anticipates possible future technology initiatives to the degree that is possible in today's rapidly changing business and technology environments. While it is not possible to predict with certainty the exact business and technology changes that will impact a given IT organization over the next year or two, it is possible to predict with certainty that change will occur. The router functionality discussed in this white paper is a key enabler to a wide range of technical strategies that will allow IT organizations to respond to these changes.

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