September 6, 2012

The Branch is Becoming the Hub: How to Manage SaaS Application Performance

  • A Webtorials Thought Leadership Discussion
  • Jim Metzler, Distinguished Research Fellow and Co-Founder of Webtorials' Analyst Division, Moderator
  • Featuring Ipanema Technologies

As stated by Dave White , "SaaS applications present performance challenges.  And one of the main reasons is that SaaS applications aren't in control of IT and the typical data center.  So it's important to recognize that you can't manage applications that are on the internet in the same way that you manage your core business applications."

Please join Jim Metzler, Webtorials Distinguished Research Fellow and co-founder of our Analyst Division, and  Dave White, Senior Vice President for Business Development at Ipanema Technologies in a conversation packed with great advice on how to control application performance in a cloud-based environment.


Managing a hybrid cloud-based and traditional applications is a major task - and not a simple one at all. This discussion (as a paper and/or podcast) does a great job of addressing the challenges and proposing solutions.

APM is a critical part of network management. And Dilbert recently had a great commentary on the consequences of not having network management tools. It also raises an interesting but serious point... If you wait too long to implement a solution, you'll be solving yesterday's problems. So you need a strategy that can evolve as network technologies evolve.

I find it fascinating that entertainment web sites are offering private-labeled cloud-based services. At the bottom of the page above, there's an ad for DilbertFiles.Com. It does not state (that I have found) whether the files are actually stored in Elbonia.

Hybrid Networks/Branch Becoming a Hub. Excellent article on how SaaS stresses the tradtional corporate WAN/MPLS construct and the reality that most SaaS applications are accessed via Internet as opposed to the corporate WAN/MPLS. It will be interesting to see how security-focused entities looking to optimize resources through the cloud deal with this tension.

Hi Douglas, concerning the security aspect of Hybrid Networks we see two trends, according to companies' policy:

1- Decentralized firewalling where a firewall is installed in each site that has a local Internet breakdown - These devices may or not be centrally/globally managed.

2- Cloud-based firewalling where the Internet traffic is send to "Points of Security" in the cloud (e.g. ZScaler, Websense, etc...).

Of course some security centric organization will always resist to move their security devices out of their datacenters, but I personally trust that this will represent only a very small minority of the industry.

Regards - Thierry Grenot @ ipanema

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