July 23, 2014

Delivering First Class Communications With WebRTC

This webcast, available as an audio file or a transcript, captures a recent discussion about WebRTC between Jim Donovan, Director of Product Management at Oracle and Larry Hettick, Editorial Director and Senior Research Fellow at Webtorials. The topics cover WebRTC reliability, interoperability, and security--looking at how Oracle addresses these issues.


Since native WebRTC support for IE and Safari don't seem to be on the immediate horizon, thoughts as to how this might be accomplished otherwise?

Today you can make IE & Safari work with WebRTC through the use of plug-ins that essentially act as a shim between the browser and the WebRTC infrastructure. Temasys and Priologic are examples of companies that provide this sort of plug-in.

Going forward, you can expect that WebRTC infrastructure providers will look to address this gap with enhanced capabilities in their SDKs and through other creative solutions. While WebRTC-capable browsers represent over 50% of the browser market share, IE and Safari remain important browsers for many users (so no real-time communications vendor should neglect them).

Thanks for the question.

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