March 31, 2015

Solving the Engagement Challenge

Communications has moved beyond VoIP to UC and customer service has evolved from call center to contact center.  The marriage of UC and contact center create the foundation for what comes next--the ability to engage customers and employees in a way that can measurably increase the organization's top line and the bottom line.  This paper provides research to prove that claim, and shows what you can do to make it happen.

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    I think customer services have moved beyond the "contact" center, to what I have been calling the "Interaction" center, because we now have mobile customers dealing directly with automated business processes. Better known as "Communications Enabled Business Processes" (CEBP), such processes can proactively notify consumers about personalized situations (and flexibly respond, rather than wait for the customer to discover a problem and make contact, or requiring a live person to perform such notifications.

    Interaction Centers support what I call multimodal "mobile customer services."

    Get with it, Avaya!

    Mobile customers are changing the call/contact center to what I have been calling the "Interaction Center" for two big reasons. First, customer service will increasingly start with online self-service apps, which will provide better "context" for live assistance.

    Second, mobile customer accessibility will enable more proactive automated notification contacts to customers about things they need to be aware of and respond to. Better known as Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP), such capabilities will make customer service more efficient and effective for both customers and the service providers.

    Here is one of my posts on this perspective:

    Hi Art -

    You are absolutely correct. I'm reminded of my receipt of an SMS from a bank on my iPhone indicating potential fraud. It happens when you happen to fill up two cars within an hour, indicating some kid has a hot stolen card and is taking care of their friends.

    It gets really interesting when businesses take Smobile customer service to the next level. We have a customer that sends out customer satisfaction surveys via SMS. If the respondent replies with a negative, it automatically triggers an outbound call to the phone to see what the problem is. If person doesn't answer, the next time they call, the survey is pulled up, and automatically routed to the specialized customer satisfaction team to help resolve an issue.

    Same with personal finance. One customer in the home loans business automatically sends notifications via SMS to customers when loans are completed. The SMS can be responded to the banker's desk phone ID, which is the same as their business card ID of course, and it appears directly on their PC loan approval screen. There are so many non-voice centric transactions - more than ever before.

    But you said it well. It's definitely an interaction center, and the interactions happen in both directions in both automated or manually invoked sessions.

    It's good to hear from you.

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