October 28, 2015

When VoIP Fails 'Breaking Up' is Hard to Undo

There was a time when troubleshooting a voice problem was tedious but well-defined; however, when a Voice over IP connection is 'breaking up,' what's a tech to do, just call your network administrator?  Continue reading...


Lots of different companies mentioned. Would love to from them concerning product differentiation and how they are different.

We have a software product called Sinefa. Essentially, we provide network visibility and control. To focus on VOIP, our "control" function allocates bandwidth to specified applications including VOIP. The difference is that we are cloud-based, affordable, easy to use and scalable. For managed service providers, our application is multi-tenanted meaning all accounts can be seen through a single pain of glass. There are many other benefits attached to Sinefa, not just bandwidth control for VOIP.

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