Voice-over-IP Network Design - including WiFi & Mobility
by Ed LaBanca, CollabGen
Published August 2005, Posted August 2005




This generic paper is the second in a series on migrating toward a Unified Telecommunication Model (UTM) in the enterprise. The first paper was on UTM for Communication Servers & Contact Distribution Systems.


Media processing standards have emerged in conjunction with Internet Protocol (IP) as the dominant protocol for voice, data and video. Therefore applications can now be combined in new and more cost-effective ways in the context of a Unified Telecommunication Model (UTM). This paper will address UTM for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Network Design and an introduction to current Voice-over-Wireless Local Area Network (VoWLAN), specifically VoIP-over-Wireless Fidelity (VoWiFi) and mobility. We will also discuss PBX / Communication Server Integration and Seamless Roaming capabilities. The broader scope of this paper includes all communication media-over-IP (voice / sound, image / fax, and video).



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