Practice and Testing Discussion


This discussion is designed for both internal and external testing.

In particular, it's a great place for "Commenters" to practice making posts, to test the impact of various types of replies, etc.  It's also a great place to practice using html to the extent that you might want to do so.

There's nothing that you can do "wrong" here, so enjoy!


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And just for grins, here is a first comment, so there can be a comment on which to comment.

Please note that this comment is indented and placed below the comment that was entered by "Steven Taylor | March 10, 2011 10:19 AM | Reply"

The placement is as it is because I clicked on "Reply" at the end of the line next to my picture.

This time I've started a new "thread" - or first level of comments - by entering a comment without using "reply."

In general, you should continue to "reply" to the last comment abouve in order to maintain appropriate indenting/nesting.

Please note that new topics, such as this, are listed chronologically. And "replies" are indented from the comment above.

However, if there are two replies to the same comment, these comments are listed with the most recent appearing at the top.

This is the first reply to the comment that started "This time I've started...."

I'm also using html tags for bold and italics.

However, this comment is appropriately nested/indented because I clicked on "Reply" to the comment that started "This is the first reply..."

And if you'll notice the timestamps, this comments is actually entered later (even though it appears first) because it is entered as a second reply to the comment starting with "This time I've started...."

OK... So much for the "tutorial." Feel free to make whatever posts you want.



This would be Jim's first-level comment... Left-most margin... Note that you are already signed in at Webtorials.

And this would be the response from the sponsor. The sponsor would talk about the diagram with an additional comment, perhaps to click here to display the content.

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