March 17, 2011

Turbo Charging WAN Optimization with WAN Virtualization

WAN Virtualization is revolutionizing Enterprise Wide Area Network (WAN) economics, simultaneously enabling significant reductions in monthly operating WAN spending, much higher bandwidth and greater reliability and application performance predictability than what's available from a single MPLS WAN provider.

In a carrier-pricing environment where a price/performance factor of 2x (50%) is enormous, WAN Virtualization brings Moore's Law and Internet economics to Enterprise WAN buyers for the first time in 15+ years.  And a properly designed WAN Virtualization solution does this incrementally and seamlessly on top of existing networks - no forklift upgrades required.

WAN Virtualization is complementary to existing WAN Optimization solutions.  While WAN Optimization can enable enterprise customers a one-time ability to avoid a bandwidth upgrade to their private MPLS network, where WAN Optimization really shines is as a means to do application acceleration.

This paper will show how, in addition to its other benefits, Talari's Adaptive Private Networking (APN) technology for WAN Virtualization also delivers application acceleration performance benefits, both on its own and in conjunction with WAN Optimization.  We use file transfers - the most common network application, and certainly the one most commonly utilized and cross-comparable for measured benchmarking results - to demonstrate the benefits WAN Virtualization brings to application performance and performance predictability.  All test results cited were created using Talari APN technology and technology from WAN Optimization market leader Riverbed Technology.

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This is an excellent paper that examines the effect of adding a WAN Virtualization technology (such as that offered by Talari) to existing WAN Optimization technology (such as that offered by Riverbed).

In fact, that is exactly what this paper does - and I love the fact that it reports the results in a quantitative manner. That is, rather than tossing about "typical" numbers, it is essentially a "lab report" on Talari's actual measurements in a testbed with and without their equipment in the equation.

Excellent material regardless of your exact choice of equipment suppliers!

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