May 19, 2011

2011 Sourcebook of Hosted and Cloud-Based VoIP and UC Services

Webtorials and Delphi, Inc. present the 2011 Sourcebook of Hosted and Cloud-Based VoIP and Unified Communications Services.

We believe it's a "given" that UC services can be extremely effectively deployed in the cloud, as detailed in the 2011 Unified Communications and Cloud-Based Services Report.  However, this report only says that you should implement these services.

Now we've taken this one step further, first by preparing an extensive questionnaire of questions that you should ask of potential service provides.  But that still leaves you with the task of finding service providers and compiling this information.

That's where the Sourcebook comes in.  We've identified a worldwide base of service providers, and to date, over 40 have already responded. So this is your chance to size up the providers on a non-biased basis to define your "short list" quickly and efficiently.

All four installments are now available.

Additionally, we are now pleased to announce consulting services based on our entire database.  This could save you days of data collection and analysis by providing you with access to detailed information concerning these companies.  So when you are ready to evaluate a particular company's offerings, you have at your fingertips both expert advice and access to our database.

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This Sourcebook is made possible as a complimentary resource in part due to the generous support of:
The Sourcebook includes information about 8x8, Inc., Abtech, Akabis, Inc., Anveo Inc., Aptela, AT&T, AVAD Technologies,, Inc, Broadcore, Broadview Networks, Inc., Broadvox, Bullseye Telecom Inc., Call Center Development Services, CallTower Inc, CosmoCom, Dialtel Inc., Fastmetrics, Inc., Five9, FluentStream Technologies, Fonality, Global Crossing, Grasshopper, IP5280 Communications, ipSBS Managed Services, LLC, Iristel, Junction Networks, LightEdge Solutions, Masergy Communications Inc., Orange Business Services, Pac-West Telecomm, Inc., PanTerra Networks Inc., PBX Central Corporation, Pingtone, PosTrack Technologies, Inc., Ringio, Segway Communications, Star Telecom, Telecentrex Communications, TelStar Hosted Services, Inc., TLS.NET, UniVoIP Inc., Versature Corp, Virtual PBX, Voice Carrier, VoiceNEXT, Inc., and Xebba.


Once you've decided to make a move to cloud-based services, that's only a fraction of the battle. Then you have to decided what questions to ask, find potential providers, and gather data about them.

We're taking a lot of the load off you with this Sourcebook that gives you the answers from almost 50 service providers and also tells you why each question is important to ask.

I hope you enjoy this resource that is much more than a mere "directory." It features both detailed educational content from Gary Audin and extensive charts that - especially as the full Sourcebook becomes available - provide a treasure of competitive information.

One of the major goals of the Sourcebook is to help you differentiate between the various services. As you will see in the second installment, there are many variations on offering a Cloud-based VoIP/UC service.

We examine what these differences are, the advantages of each, and which providers use which models.

The third installment of the series, focusing on "Service Offerings, Network Access Technologies, and IP & Legacy Device Support" is perhaps the most critical of the four installments.

The section on "Service Offerings" addresses the range of services that are available from various suppliers, such as "Basic Telephony," "PBX Interconnection," "HD Voice," and a plethora of "Unified Communications" capabilities.

And since the services are based off the customer premises, the range of supported access technologies is a key to the section on "Access Technologies."

Finally, there are a wide range of devices that may be supported by a VoIP/UC service. While the subscriber service covers a very wide range of answers, this complimentary version includes the availability of support for "SIP-based phones," "Proprietary IP-based phones," "PC-based softphones," and "Analog phones."

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