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Larry Lang Speaks Out on the Security Conundrum - and Life

IoT: Access Technology Choices & Implications

Will Small Cells Meet the Needs of the Enterprise?

BYOD Security: How Much Complexity Do You Need?

Will Small Cells Meet the Needs of the Enterprise?

Why the Enterprise Should Care About Small Cells

Home Hotspots: Risk or Opportunity?

Abandoning the 2.4 GHz junk band - Moving Wi-Fi to 5 GHz

Cloud Creep: Panacea or Pitfall?

Mobile Voice Policies Are MIA!

Putting a lid on Apple iCloud

FCC and the Enterprise: Why Should You Care?

BYOD, Cloud Intensify Known Wi-Fi Authentication Risk
  • A TechNote on Wireless and Mobility
  • Joanie M. Wexler
  • Technology Analyst/Editor

  • WiFi Goes Gigabit-802.11ac

    Wi-Fi Goes Short and Fast-802.11ad

    BYOD, Cloud Intensify Known Wi-Fi Authentication Risk

    WiFi Goes Gigabit-802.11ac

    Making WIPS more affordable

    How to Best Manage Telecommunications Services Procurements

    Thank You, MAM: New Ways to Plug Mobile Data Leaks

    Is 'Remote Wipe' a Panacea for Protecting Missing Devices?

    BYOD Throws Curve at In-Building Cellular Projects

    Telstar Turns 50 - What's Next for Satellites?

    Troubleshooting the Mobile Experience (and Protecting Users' Sanity)

    The Curse of the Mobile Hotspot

    Android's Prospects in the Enterprise: Looking Up?

    DIY Mobile WAN Troubleshooting

    Careful: 4G Could Fuel Data Overages

    What We Can Learn from Google Street View

    Wi-Fi 'Voice-Enterprise' Cert: No Longer Stuck On Hold

    Don't Bid 'Adieu' to Apple Bonjour Just Yet

    A Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves Look at Mobile Policy

    Tricks for Avoiding Wireless Bill Shock

    Serving More Clients with 802.11ac Multi-User MIMO

    Mobile Malware: Coming Soon to a Device Near You

    802.11ac and 802.11ad: Faster and Fatter Wi-Fi

    Data Throttling: Two Sides to Every Story

    Boosting Cellular Signals Indoors

    More Secure, User-Friendly Hotspots On the Way

    Table Stakes for MDM Jump a Notch

    Virtual Desktops: A Killer App for Mobile Security?

    How Many Vendors Does it Take to Manage a Mobile Enterprise?

    RIM CEO Shakeup: It's a Start

    Does the Recent WPS Attack Affect You?

    Android: Enterprise Friend or Foe?

    8 Pitfalls to Avoid When Managing Mobile Apps

    Does iOS 5 Land IT Back in the Driver's Seat?

    Why BYOD Won't Always Fly

    Who's Using the Cisco Cius Tablet?

    What's Lurking on Mobile Devices?

    Wi-Fi Companies Could Soon Run Your Access Network

    4G Ticker: Update on Services, Phones, Deals

    RIM Radar and Rumor Mill

    D'oh! How Do You Print in the Mobile Enterprise?

    Use Your WLAN to Automate BYOD Activation

    Do You Need an Enterprise App Store?

    iCloud to Test Wi-Fi Performance Mettle

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