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Yabut On Net Neutrality

Full Collaboration- One Step at a Time

The Necessity of SD-WANs for Skype for Business

SD-WAN for Real-time Service Quality for Skype for Business Enterprise Voice

Is Cloud UC the Best Option? Maybe Not.

Why SBCs are Essential with Skype for Business

WebRTC: Off and Running

Why Replacing the PSTN with VoIP Won't Be Easy

Replacing PSTN with VoIP: Not If, But When

Skype for Business? Risks for service providers

Present & Future: WebRTC

Another View of WebRTC's Future

VoIP, The PSTN Killer, Won't Kill Local Loops

Business Continuity with the Session Border Controller

Eleven Answers, WebRTC Explained

Barriers to UC Cloud Success, Part 2

Convergence Wreaks Havoc with TLA/FLA Alphabet Soup

Barriers to UC Cloud Success, Part 1

SIP Trunk Equipment Issues, How to Avoid Them

The Unified Communications Implementation Decision: On Premises, Cloud or Hybrid?

How to Migrate Successfully to the Cloud

Managing IP Video in the Enterprise

Eleven Answers, WebRTC Explained

Delivering Video Interoperability

Joyn/RCS vs. webRTC: Solving Directory Services

Déjà vu All Over Again: Can We Please Put SDNs in Context?

Ten SIP Trunk Equipment License Issues That Can Ruin Your Day (or Month)

Avoiding SIP Trunking Equipment Problems

Is IPv6 Good for VoIP?

Why Fax over IP Fails

How to avoid SIP Trunk Implementation Problems

Will Windows Phone 8 Launch Lync Mobility?

Getting Ready for HD Voice

Why Fax over IP Fails

Videoconferencing Security

Getting Ready for HD Voice

Internetworking Telepresence and Videoconferencing

How to avoid SIP Trunk Implementation Problems

The Cloud, Videoconferencing, and You

Will Windows Phone 8 Launch Lync Mobility?

The Great Debate
  • The Case for Building Your Own VNOC vs. The Case for Managed Services
  • Telepresence Options with Webtorials Publishing

Prediction: UC Morphs into Social and Disappears

Videoconferencing Infrastructure: A Primer

In UC&C, Picking the Right Partners Matters

Are We Stuck with 'Islands' of UC Interoperability?

UC Cloud Security: Avoiding an Identity Crisis

How to be a Hero When You Roll Out UC

Who Is the Typical U.S. Teleworker?

Non-Technical Barriers to UC Implementation

Tips for Improving Internet Call Quality

Telecom Contracts: Dodging the Potholes

Check out Cloud Providers' Business Models

Oh, the Power that Siri Wields

UC: Should You Choose a License, Subscription or Hybrid?

Automating UC Service Fulfillment in the Enterprise

7 Must-Haves in a UC Cloud Contract

Coping with Digital Distractions in a Collaborative World

Standards, Best Practices Coming for UC Cloud Interoperability

Integrating UC Into Your Mobile Strategy

How Much SIP Bandwidth Should You Buy?

How Presence Bolsters Productivity

VARs Face Challenges in Supporting UC

SIP Trunking: Making it Pay

Keeping UC App Data Secure

Delivering UC to Teleworkers

Your SIP Trunking Implementation Checklist

Single- vs. Multi-Vendor Approaches to UC

Deploying UC Apps: CPE or Cloud?

Desktop Video vs. Telepresence: Which, When and Why?

Making a Business Case for UC

SIP Essentials: What You Need to Know

Social Media: What's the Enterprise Payback?

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