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Service Provider Confidence Index

The Service Provider Confidence Index looks at six areas of service provider activity: capital spending, spending on new product and service development, employment, stock prices, and overall industry conditions. In each of these areas, telecom professionals are asked about current conditions compared to the previous quarter and the previous year, and what they think will happen over next two quarters. Responses to these questions are analyzed, and two indices, current conditions and optimism are produced. Combined, they provide an index of service providersí overall confidence, as shown on the Sage Gauge.

bullet September 2004
bullet July 2004
bullet May 2004
bullet March 2004
bullet January 2003


bullet November 2003
bullet September 2003
bullet July 2003
bullet May 2003
bullet March 2003
bullet January 2003
bullet November 2002
bullet September 2002
bullet July 2002
bullet May 2002
bullet March 2002
bullet January 2002

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Chris Neal

Chris Neal, Research Director, has five years of telecom industry expertise as a market researcher and industry analyst. He has managed projects for both service providers and networking vendors in areas such as broadband access, VoIP, data center services, international corporate networking services, Internet access services and web portals. He was previously Director of the Latin America group at Pyramid Research. Chris has a BA in Economics from Occidental College and an M.A. in International Economics and Latin American Studies from Johns Hopkins SAIS.

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