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Adapting Network Services Agreements to the Digital Age

Yabut On Net Neutrality

The 2016 State-of-the-WAN Report

When VoIP Fails 'Breaking Up' is Hard to Undo

Full Collaboration- One Step at a Time

The 2015 Application & Service Delivery Handbook - Executive Summary

Is Cloud UC the Best Option? Maybe Not.

Long Live IPv4

IoT: Access Technology Choices & Implications

AT&T Expands Withdrawal of Service Matrix
AT&T to Withdraw Broadly Used Non-Ethernet Access, Non-Ethernet Private Line and Non-IP Toll-Free Service

Skype for Business? Risks for service providers

Present & Future: WebRTC

AT&T Issues Withdrawal of Service Matrix

Will Small Cells Meet the Needs of the Enterprise?

How SDN Can Multiply VoIP Channel Capacity

Choosing Between the Cloud and Owned Systems

Will Small Cells Meet the Needs of the Enterprise?

Another View of WebRTC's Future

VoIP, The PSTN Killer, Won't Kill Local Loops

Why the Enterprise Should Care About Small Cells

Powering a Cat Warmer Using Thin-Film Thermoelectric Conversion of Microprocessor Waste Heat
  • Simha Sethumadhavan and Doug Burger
  • Department of Computer Sciences
  • The University of Texas at Austin

The VAR vs. the Cloud

2011 Sourcebook of Hosted and Cloud-Based VoIP and UC Services

Telepresence Options Series

VoIP and IPT Best Practices for Implementation
  • A Guide to Ensuring a Solid Foundation for Unified Communications
  • Gary Audin, Delphi, Inc.

Can the PSTN be Shut Down?
  • Gary Audin, Delphi, Inc.

Migrating to Unified Communications
  • Best Practices
  • Gary Audin, Delphi, Inc.

2009 Mobile Unified Communications Buyer's Guide
  • Peter Brockmann, Brockmann & Company

Darwin Awards for Disaster Recovery
  • Gary Audin, Delphi, Inc.

Beyond 802.11 Standards
  • A Wi-Fi Lexicon for the Rest of Us
  • Joanie Wexler, Joanie M. Wexler & Associates; Devin Akin, CWNP; and Paul DeBeasi, Burton Group

VOIP / IP Telephony: Buy or Lease
  • Gary Audin, Delphi, Inc.

  • Joanie Wexler, Joanie M.Wexler & Associates

IP Telephony Customer Service Delivery for the Managed Service Provider
  • Gary Audin, Delphi, Inc., on behalf of Prognosis

Acceleration, Optimization, Security, and the Data Center
  • Application Delivery's Next Step
  • Robin Layland, Layland Consulting

Five Steps to Effective Mobile Management
  • Michael F. Finneran, dBrn Associates, Inc.

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